Remembrance Sunday 2018: Are we already part of the next remembrance?

Remembrance Sunday 2018
This picture symbolises the fact that as a race we do not know what we are doing! At one end of this lamp post is a poppy at the other a 868MHz -915MHz microwave transmitter.

I have great respect for all those that gave their lives during the past two world wars, as my grandfather was one of them. During the First World War a whole generation of young men were wiped out. The question is why? Who’s war was it and who benefitted from it? Did we actually benefit? Or did certain unscrupulous entities? I took this photo above of one of the lamp posts on my street in surrey within the UK. Every year they roll out all these poppies and yet there is no money for school dinners, canteens or buses. They teach us to respect life and those that gave their precious blood to protect us. Yet at the very same time we are all being microwaved. Non more so, than our children who’s bodies not only absorb more (due to their high water content) and which have less protection, no myelin sheath for example. This sheath takes 22 years to put down; 120 layers of fat to protect nerves.

These biologically active frequencies emitted from these so called SMART tech mobiles, watches and iPads are used more and more by our children. They are also given them free at many secondary schools? If the powers that be are so concerned for our well being why would they allow this? Inevitably one day the public will wake up to what is literally a veil over their eyes. They have eyes, yet they cannot see and they have ears, yet they cannot hear.

Technology is a wonderful asset and can even save lives, but can we not make its safer and use it via ethernet and fibre optics? Biologically active microwaves (those used by the telecommunications industry) are currently classified by the WHO’s (World Health Organisation) IACR (International Agency on Cancer Research) as a Class 2B possible carcinogen since 2011. Due to the mounting evidence of research this may well be soon changed to a 2A Probable cancer causing agent. This radiation is now ubiquitous within our environment. Maybe in the future, if there is still anyone left, who is capable of reproducing genetically healthy offspring. They will have a special day for remembering those who needlessly died for others profit!

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