Being Thankful: Just being here this year has been a blessing, and I am so thankful! As this time last year I had only just survived a massive heart attack! Just being able to to stand up was an effort at first, now I can walk and do many more things! Its all to easy in life to take things for granted and Christmas I think is a special time to reflect and really appreciate how blessed one may be! Just to see that sun come up every morning and go down; although its not long up there here in the UK at the moment! However, now we have passed the shortest day, it will gradually be getting lighter for longer! Its also at this time if your middle-aged like me, you really are not interested in receiving presents but just seeing people, family , friends or making new friends is more important. I would say that these are precious things that warm the heart! Bringing more peace, love and fulfilment! What has been on my heart this year has been 1 John from the Bible. Where the Apostle wrote to Christians to assure them of their heavenly destiny! Family members had asked me early in the year: ‘What is God all about?” I told them : “God is love” Its that simple! Except I was unable to remember the verse, which annoyed me for some time. That weekend a long term friend whom I had not seen for some time suddenly knocked at the door and asked if I wanted to go to a Holy Spirit retreat over the weekend! At the time I was not that well! But decided to go anyway! On arriving and sitting a table with other folk, there infront of me was the title of the topic: ‘God is Love’ 1 John 4:8. There it was! Obviously I was meant to be there. Later in the year I joined a small prayer / Bible study group, literally by chance or destiny! Someone stopped me in the street had and asked me to come along to it. I said that I was unable to make it on that particular day, but would try another time! The following week I went to the meet up and guess what? It was all about 1 John! I then was asked If I wanted healing! I jumped at the chance indeed, they know me at the local church so well for healing that they turned me down on occasion to let others have the opportunity! At the end of the healing, having had everyone putting Hands on me and listening to their prayers. I then realised tears were pouring down my face! A few days later I was home on the sofa and just started to play the guitar and write a song write out the blue after a few days it was all there. I had never written a song before! I then began to play it over and over and it made me feel well! I then decided to make a video for it in my town. Anyway I would love you to see it and I hope it will bring a little smile to your heart. I wish you a very wonderful Christmas! God bless, from Mark

Click here below to watch my Christmas song Video:

‘See the Light in Everyone Tonight!

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