Easter: A Time of Hope In a World of Contradiction. Where is the Love?

As this world is drawn closer together due to the current pandemic, by design or not, we now face an economic crisis, depression, not dissimilar to the one of 1929. It would appear to be the scape goat for those whom run the fraudulent banking system. They have again hoovered up everyones money and now will take more assets from many. Creating an even greater void between the haves and have nots. Where is the love?

We are told by the powers that be, primarily governments, that they care about us, the elderly and those with health conditions, that it is all about protecting them. Whilst at the same time they make billions in arms sales around the world and wage covert wars to fuel the need for this need of arms. Killing thousands indirectly. They are ‘war mongers’ liars and thieves. Where is the love?

The public, forever raising money for cancer research. Whilst they still treat patients with toxins like radio and chemotherapy, not working with the body but against it. Preventing/ suppressing the information mainstream from naturopathic doctors and their cancer cures for decades. Making it illegal to disseminate a cure. Why is healing of the body not taught in schools? Why are doctors not taught about nutrition? Why are they not taught about the effects of non native EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) on human cells? Why are babies as soon as they are born subjected to Vitamin K injections to thicken the blood. How many animals in the wild inject their offspring like this? Taking down their IQ by reducing oxygen to the brain , at a critical time? Why do children have to have so many vaccines with toxic adjuvants, destroying their immune system and brain function (autism), that it is supposed to help/ Virus interference shows that vaccines can make one more susceptible to disease. Whistle blowers doctors and researchers (Judy Mikovitz) show that big Pharma knew many vaccines had deadly virus’ in them from others species, giving other diseases to humans such as Leukaemia. Where is the love?

They poison our food and kill many beneficial organisms around its production. Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ DDT and aldrin (organochlorines) POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants). Then they make novel toxic compounds, sold as wonder products in disguise like glyphosate. That was once apparently so safe to humans one could drink it! The patented anti bacterial used as a herbicide (weedkiller) and to dry off many food crops for harvest. Every single person on the planet now has detectable levels of it in their bodies. The microbiome has all the interest in the medical world now but it is nothing new. They knew back in the 1930s that if you had the good gut bugs present you would reduce depression and improve health, all suppressed for big Pharma profits of useless drugs! Glyphosate of course disrupts the Shikimate metabolic pathway and not our bodies pathways directly as we are not bacteria, but we use bacteria within us to produce many of the precursors to our hormones. This compound disrupt our ability then to use beneficial plant alkaloids we eat. It has also been shown to inhibit vitamin D production. The compound locks up minerals within the soil that we need in our bodies. All by design for profit at the expense of your health and mine and that of our children. Where is the love?

Artificial sweeteners, all toxic man made giving rise to disease: saccharin, neotame, acesulfame, aspartame, and sucralose. Where is the love?

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) designed for profit and not for health requiring more nutrients to grow and more toxic pesticides. Many GMOs of which in animal studies have shown that they are toxic to mammals. Research on these funded by governments and organisations like the Bill Gates Foundation. They are not interested in the long term health effects just profits. They are designed to work within the established agri business system. They do not seem to understand the importance of diversity in nature or within food crops. Ultimately, the goal is to stop you and I growing our own organic food as they want to control all the seeds and land. Why would you not want your people to grow their own organic food that is free of toxic pesticides and GMOs? Where is the love?

Becoming sick from microwaves from a nearby cell phone mast at work with Wi-Fi and at home too alerted me to just how bad things are in our world. How incredulous even scientists are when the real science is out there showing that our health is affected in a negative way. Why is it that Wi-Fi is set at 2.45GHz? Which just happens to be the absorption frequency water. The same frequency used in a microwave cooker. Why would you put that in everyones homes, why not another frequency? Even though its less power than a cooker, it is still damaging. IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) for the WHO (World Health Organisation) since 2011 has these classified as a possible carcinogen. 60-70% of our body is water, by design, as it is the main chromophore in your body. That is it absorbs light best in the red spectrum which helps power your ATPase (this is the machinery in your mitochondrial membrane wall that fuels the cell with Adenosine Triphosphate). This spinning marvel of God’s creation happens to work at 100% efficiency. The faster it spins the healthier you will be. As far as I understand it this spinning gives you your magnetic field! Non thermal levels of this non ionising radiation are now known to cause oxidative stress, down regulating our immune system. They now have everyone indoors during this pandemic swamped in more Wi-Fi with connected devices. All making you and more importantly future generations (your children) infertile. This constant damage to our immune system makes us more open to the current pandemic. Why is this not in the news, if they really cared would they not tell everyone to limit their exposure, and make the technology safer? Many of the frequencies used by the telecommunications cartel affect our ability to produce melatonin the most powerful health hormone known in the body. It is released at night removes cancerous cells. It controls mitophagy (recycling of damaged parts of your mitochondria) .The mitochondria are your cell’s energy factories, without them providing ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the cell cannot function and will die. If the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) gets damaged as caused by these microwave transmissions and you are not producing enough of this oncostatic hormone known as melatonin, cancer or other diseases may be more likely to develop.

The new 5G has different spectrum frequencies used, one which has been reported to be used is in the millimetre banned width and is 60GHz ( 60 billion hertz) which just happens to be the absorption spectrum for oxygen, thereby hindering our ability to bind oxygen with haemoglobin. Now why would one use such a frequency? Where is the love?

As you can see we are at war not really just with the man made COVID 19 but with much more at a cellular and genetic level from everything else they are doing to us. I used to be so trusting of doctors and the whole system as taught as a child. By the way, I do respect them as people and that many of them want to save lives, but the system they are in , trained part in , the ideology I do not, This has not been out of choice but a path many I think now have been on out of a necessity to survive and keep themselves and their families as well as possible.

Geoengineering is one of the biggest elephants in the room that few realise or believe. Many call it chemtrailing. It exists, it is another blatant attack on all life on the planet. The powers that be say it is being sprayed to mitigate Climate Change. Yet in all the media it is never mentioned. It may actually be part of the cause of the climate problem or by making it worse? Dane Wiggington is an individual as with many others trying to disseminate the truth with science based facts. They now have the ability to control the weather by seeding clouds. There are also well documented accounts of high levels of nano particulates being dropped all over the world of aluminium and barium. Even though aluminium is one of the most common metallic elements in the soil it is not present in this form in the air or soil naturally. The researchers working on this have already stated that they do not know what affect this will have on humans. Where is the love?

Easter is so special more so than ever, when you seen the evil, and there is really is no other word to describe what is covertly deployed against us taking away our God given human rights to a healthy life, sleep, fertility, mental clarity. We applaud all those with so much knowledge but where is the wisdom that comes with it all? Why are so many silent? There hearts are fat with excess and cold as stone, they have eyes but cannot see and ears but cannot hear.

There is no account anywhere of how Jesus made people’s immune systems weak or gave them cancer or made children infertile. No, He only brought love, everything he did was out of love for us and for His Father. He came to give you life not to take it away as the enemy does.

God bless you this Easter and all those whom are working to do their best to save others lives in hospitals around the world.

I wrote a new song for Easter, just click the link below to hear it. I hope you will like it:

‘Jesus came to give you life’

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