Welcome to my site! Cuore di Vita is Italian for Heart of Life and refers to the fact that God’s spark of life is at the heart of you and I and all His creation around us. We were made in His image. All living things emit electromagnetic frequencies. These specific frequencies are natural and have a purpose, as all life does. The air we breath and the sunlight we bathe in are all part of this creation as is the food we eat. When any of these are interfered with by man in a negative way we end up with dis-harmony in our bodies and our environment. My site is all about making people aware of this fact and trying to remediate any negative changes that have taken place within your own life or environment.  To begin with I relate mainly to what I have experienced or am currently going through myself.  I mainly hope to produce videos on my youtube channel Cuore di Vita regarding these topics:

  • Radio Frequencies (in the microwave band 300MHz-300GHz) – manmade telecommunications frequencies and their effects on human health and how to screen ones self from them.
  • Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heart beats): possible causes and how to reduce attacks and or eradicate them completely. Healing from a heart attack.
  • The importance of the autotrophs: plants to be all around us
  • Wholesome Italian food recipes for good health
  • Gods word from the Bible and dreams

Important: see below

If you only get to this page and feel it is not for you: Please just take away this one piece of advice: Turn your Wi-Fi off and put your mobile in flight mode when not in use, and protect your own health and that of others around you.