Powerful prayer for those that are searching for healing

This is an amazing prayer that was given to Lorna Byrne the Irish author. She left it in her book (Angels In My Hair) for people who want it. She is an amazing lady who was given a gift by our God to see angels. Everyone has a guardian angel that stays with you throughout your life. Then eventually, when your time comes your guardian angel takes you lovingly back to Heaven. This is a powerful prayer which I say everyday.

Prayer of healing given to Lorna from God by the Archangel Michael:


‘Prayer of they Healing Angels, that is carried from

God by Michael, Thy Archangel. Pour out, Thy Healing

Angels, Thy Heavenly Host upon me, and upon those

that I love. Let me feel the beam of Thy Healing Angels

upon me. The light of Thy Healing Hands. I will let Thy

Healing begin, Whatever way God grants it. Amen’