The Importance of Being Grounded for Health.

Our ancestors were far more connected to the earth in many more ways that we are today. Firstly, they were aware of the earths Ley lines. Diviners, people who were able to show where these lines were or locate underground water sources, using their bodies as antennas and sticks as instruments to channel these earth frequencies. People whom look at this today are called Geobiologists they can measure Geopathic Stress from Hartmann and Curry lines and the influence of water veins interacting with these. Where these lines intersect it can be bad for ones health as I found out, after having my property assessed for this. Many animals will not stay/sleep on ground where this is present. However, apparently cats interestingly, are attracted to to the energy. There are also Schumann Resonances the main one is known as 7.83Hz. Its a frequency made from the electrical discharges (lightening) between the earth and the Ionosphere. It is very close to our Alpha brain waves. Our brains are somewhat synchronised to this natural earth frequency. You may say that our brain evolved or were created in harmony with it. It is a natural tuning fork for the biological oscillators of the brain. When it is not present we become sick. As was discovered, in an experiment, when they buried students underground. They had the same issue with people going into space. Man made EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) are recognised by our bodies too and can drown out these natural frequencies of the earth.

We are supposed to be connected to the earth as we are negatively charged beings and we need to get electrons from the earth. Secondly, our ancestors were barefoot or had them wrapped in animal skins. Since the 1940s and 50s we have had the soles changed on the base of our shoes from natural non insulators, like leather and wood to rubber and plastic which inhibit the electron transfer. When we lose electrons we become sick. Toxins, pollutants are positively charged, and when inside us take our negative electrons away. A good example, is man made Radio Frequency Radiation (RF) which includes those microwaves used by the telecommunications industry. Which cause our bodies to produce positively charged free radicals, causeing oxidative stress (a loss of electrons). O2 (oxygen) from plants on the other hand is negatively charged and beneficial. All the 50Hz (uk) or 60Hz (US) wiring and appliances give off electromagnetic fields which also give you a positive charge. Since the advent of electricity and the electric light bulb in the late nineteenth century and the advent of AC electricity (Alternating Current) many little known diseases before have increased like autism, bowel cancer and leukaemia. Our Body’s cells and everything in nature run on direct current (DC) too not AC. We stay longer indoors and closer to electric fields and no grounding wearing insulating shoes and standing on insulated floors.

Earthing also reduces blood viscosity (less clumping of blood cells, Rouleaux effect) which would be positive for cardiovascular health.

If you have a pet in your life then you have an added advantage. Since they do not wear shoes and are constantly earthed when they go outside. You then get earthed when you touch them (take on more electrons, lose the positive charge). So having a pet is very beneficial to your health. Owning a dog, especially so, if you have any heart issues as they additionally reduce stress. They’re not called ‘A man’s best friend’ for no reason. Gardening is also a good way to get earthed, as you are constantly with your hands in the soil and handling plant material in the ground. If you have neither of these it may be worth investing in some grounding shoes. Especially so, if you only venture outside for the necessities, like shopping and visiting friends and family. But at least then you will get grounded and receive those greatly needed electrons. Turning Wi-Fi off permanently, or at least at night is a must. If possible, turn off all electricity too, except for essential items like fridge and or freezer. If funds permit, have an electrician fit in a kill switch.