Radio Frequency (RF) radiation within the microwave band and health effects.


As we are electromagnetic multicellular beings ourselves having billions of cells in our bodies which communicate with each other via small electrical currents. It seems ridiculous to think that beaming out high powered electromagnetic fields in the microwave wave band and pulsed with biologically active frequencies that it would not have any kind of effects on us. Everything I have read and watched on the subject this past two years has had not one positive thing to say about it. To start with you need to check out the sites below. Which will give you an understanding of where we are with this so called SMART tech. I as you probably do, also think that the technology is amazing, but I am sure it could have and should have been made far safer, and probably still can be. Our bodies have adapted to natural EMFs from thunderstorms over a long period time. Obviously though we do not have thunderstorms everyday. Cell phone masts, phones (when not in flight mode) and Wi-Fi are and can be emitting 24hrs per day 365 days per years . This prolonged exposure stresses the bodies protective mechanisms and uses up vital resources which would otherwise be needed for normal homeostasis.

Here are some of the international scientist appeals and WHO classification of these frequencies:

The telecommunications industry uses microwaves (300MHz-300GHz frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum) These are pulsed with biologically active signals (which our bodies recognise; for instance brain wave frequencies). They interfere with our own delicate electromagnetic system.  Microwaves have the ability to pass very well through most building materials and of course through our cells in our bodies. Here are some examples of the damage it can cause:

  • Failure of the body to repair DNA breaks (may lead to cancer)
  • Reduction in a vital hormone that cleans the brain and body at night by mopping up cancer cells (cancer prevention)
  • Blood brain barrier permeability, allowing toxins to easily enter the brain and work synergistically to cause damage. Possibly leading to dementia, Parkinsons disease etc.
  • Heat shock protein production. This stops the cells from working properly, draining their energy and resources
  • Nervous system disruption: Sympathetic stress (cortisol release from adrenals) in a constant state of fright / flight.
  • Reproduction: Genetic damage to ovarian follicles during first 100 days of development. These have no protection at this stage. If the mitochondrial DNA is damaged it can pass this on to successive generations. Lack of motility in sperm

The mechanism by which most damage may can occur is explained below

  • Cellular calcium efflux:  This is where the calcium ions are knocked off from the cell membrane via these alternating electromagnetic frequencies, thereby making it more permeable. The excess calcium in the cell also then affects other organelles within. This loss of Ca++ ions in the membrane also allows for spurious signals to occur via the cell to other cells. This mechanism is proposed by many to be the most probable cause of most of the symptoms of electro sensitivity. A propensity to which we all have. The symptoms of which do not occur in all individuals but only until their cellular system has reached a threshold /tipping point of damage, where upon it is unable to repair itself sufficiently and then symptoms start to occur. (The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields: Problems and Solutions. A. Goldsworthy 2012)

Some of the health symptoms attributed to exposure to this radiation:

Headaches, brain fog, heart palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias, insomnia, skin rashes, tinnitus, dizziness and nausea, loss of appetite, irritability, loss of libido, poor concentration, memory loss, neuropsychiatric issues such as depression and tremors.

I have found more than 30 studies showing chromosome damage in people exposed to radio frequency microwave radiation. This is far more than we have for benzine, which is a carcinogen.” A quote from Dr Neil Cherry