Repairing my Circadian Rhythm: What I've learnt.

Here in 2016 I show the high levels of microwave radiation from a nearby cell phone tower and Wi-Fi routers from within the building. The plant research facility also had high numbers of supplementary artificial light sources for plant propagation. These I had connected to a pyrometer on a 16hr photo period. During the winter months I was exposed to not only high RF but also the constant set colour temperature of the artificial lights.

Having worked within plant propagation for 22 years, within a research environment. I am well aware of the day/night cycles of plants (circadian rhythm) and the importance this has on the overall life cycle of plant species. If they do not receive the correct photoperiod (day length) many species of plant are unable to flower and therefore reproduce sexually or asexually. The quality of that light is also key to the health of the plant within its environment, whether it grows out in the open under full spectrum light or under the canopy, receiving more of certain wavelengths. For example if they are stressed due to too much UV light they will protect themselves by making anthocyanin, the leave begin to look a purple colour. I read recently that to protect the human brain from too much blue light, the body will make your eye lens more opaque, giving you cataracts.

What I neglected to realise is just how much we as human beings, our biology really depends on natural sun light and day length to function correctly! Indeed, when one gets to having no sleep at night and headaches every other day and frequent irregular heart beats one searches for an answer or answers. After checking if my diet had not changed and my life style in general was not really different. I then turned my attention to other factors my environment: It found out I was in a highly artificially charged EMF environment (Cell Phone Masts, Wi-Fi, Smart Meter, High Energy Discharge Lamps, high voltage appliances and cabling) and the majority of the light I was receiving throughout my day at work was under glass (blocking 40-50% of the red light spectrum) or artificial sources. I was getting too much artificial blue light at the wrong times, and the microwaves from the various transmitters were affecting my calcium channel gates, causing calcium efflux. Basically, I think my cells were not communcating correctly especially in my heart and I would have many irregular heart beats.

The SCN (Suprachiasmatic Nucleus) is located within the hypothalamus within the brain, and controls the circadian rhythm. It is the bodies main/ central clock which is there to tell the body what time of day or night it is, so as to perform critical biological functions like make and release hormones or rebuild organs with new cells and regenerate membranes, for example like those within the gut. The mitochondria are the energy factories within our cells. They control how much energy the cells gets. Basically they decide whether it lives or dies. Melatonin is an oncostatic hormone (very powerful antioxidant). It must be released by the pineal gland only when there is no blue light present. The switch which turns this on is the absence of UV light and it is released 2-4 hours after dark. This compound controls the mitochondria telling the cell to commit suicide (apoptosis, programmed cell death) or autophagy (self eating, the body removes its damaged cell organelles or the cell itself). When you go to sleep at night the melatonin cleans up all the sick cells, the body replaces half a billion cells every night. Its is constantly renewing itself! Vitamin D is also used at night to help fight infections. Many of these critical jobs are performed when we sleep. However, these compounds which the body makes with the help of certain bacteria and especially in the case of vitamin D require sunlight. Yes, without the sunlight from being outside entering firstly, and most importantly in the eye. To be more precise via the retinal pathway and thereby switching on the production of these compounds to be made, it can’t make them properly elsewhere in the body. Your skin requires sunlight on it from around 11am when UVB is present, your body then synthesises vitamin D with water in the cell and cholesterol. Sure, maybe your a submariner and survive underwater for a few months under artificial lights, but your health would eventually deteriorate, due to the lack of natural sunlight. We are beings of light, we work at the speed of light. Is it not surprising then that we require photons of sunlight for our bodies to work optimally? Without natural sunlight getting in your eyes you will begin to have imbalances. Like all life forms we require water. Water is the best chromophore, that is it traps light, in this case red / infra red A. Sunlight is 42% red/infra red. This frequency also happens to operate a molecule called Cytochrome C Oxidase (the red light chromophore) located in the membrane (mines layer) of the mitochondria. It collects electrons from the sun and passes them on to the ATPase (Adenosine Triphosphate rotary motor), within the mitochondria which makes ATPase spin faster. This is also powered with electrons from your food. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the energy your cells run. Jack Kruse (neurosurgeon and theoretical quantum biologist states that we require a 1/3 of our electrons to come from food and the remaining 2/3 should come from light, sun light. If you are a 7okg person you need to produce more than 85kg per day in ATP that is more than our own body weight everyday in ATP. I wonder if this is why we feel so well and full of life when we are in the sun on holiday. What you need to know is that from 6am to 10am is the time you need the natural sun light in your eyes, as this is when all the hormones are set up to be made within the eye, its a small window but very important! When the UVA light arrives it tells the pituitary gland to stop production. Now you may be able to understand why our light cycle is so important. In reality it is only part of the picture. As we spend more time in doors when 40-50% of red part of the spectrum is blocked out causing an in balance in the light we receive . We then end up with too much blue light. Added to this, when we use any SMART technology; phones, laptops etc. The colour temperature of that light is different to that of the sun, which then throws your SNC out with the other clocks in your body (Mitochondria and those in your bacteria). Over time this all causes oxidative stress (a loss of electrons) and we end up with inflammation. Basically, I/we need to spend as much time as possible in natural sunlight, especially within the early hours. Our eyes really are the windows to our souls (beings of light). After all it makes sense as God made the sun for us to be in its light!

Most of what I have learned here, I credit primarily to what I have read, heard and watched from Dr Jack Kruze. Please drop me a line if you can elucidate, understand better what I have written!

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