Magnesium for those with A-fib (Atrial Fibrillation)

A-fib, AF or Atrial Fibrillation (an Irregular heart rhythm) is something I have had to come to terms with. I was told the exact cause of mine, however is not really known. However, it is always in the back of my mind, what the cause trigger is/are; why did I and others get it in the first place? Is it inherited (genetic)? We can be predisposed to it. I think mine partially is in that category and partially not. However, if there was a point in most of our lives where we never had these symptoms. Why was that? Obviously we were younger, and our bodies stronger, better at repairing. Can we try and get back to that state. I believe we can try our best to support the cells in our bodies to replicate themselves (mitosis at night) in the best manner by having a good environment. That means being away as far as possible from wireless communication transmissions (microwaves) which cause spurious signals in our heart muscles via the calcium channel gate mechanism. This also causes a loss of Mg (magnesium from our cells) as Mg is in the structured water in them. When we are in a microwave sea environment, as most of us are these days, we get dehydrated and this means we lose magnesium faster. Added to this, our ability to make vitamin D via the isomerisation process is greatly reduced. As well as having all the minerals and nutrients at hand for our bodies to replenish is just as important when you already have a heart condition, or any significant ailment for that matter. Having a positive mental attitude (the belief that we can get well), is just as crucial; as is surrounding ones self with positive individuals.

That being said, it has been shown that people in AF are almost definitely lacking in the element magnesium (Mg), which is needed to relax the heart muscle whereas calcium is required its contraction. A normal healthy adult males require 400mg of Mg per day and women 300mg. With a ratio of 1:2 that is Magnesium to calcium. But with Af suffers their Mg stores may be low and so need to top them up. Having low magnesium also can cause sugar carvings and higher absorption of toxic heavy metas such as lead. Unfortunately, much of the conventionally grown food is on nutrient poor soil due a lack of inputs. Toxic herbicides compounds such as Glyphosate which tend to lock up minerals in the soils, add to the challenge A good reason to only buy organic food!

Personally, I try to get my magnesium as much as possible through diet (spinach and almonds) as it is more easily absorbed. How do you know, that there is enough in the food? Obviously, organic is best, as already mentioned, as they use more natural organic sources on the farm, being more available to the plants being grown.

However, I have found that supplements have helped me relax more. Sleep is also paramount for me in that if I get good sleep I tend to get far less episodes. I have recently being using this spray magnesium called ‘Ease’. I decided to give it a try and found it to be good in that it is so easy to use and does not give me a stomach upset as some tablets I have used before have done. This magnesium chloride hexahydrate is sourced from the Dead Sea and is mixed with purified water only nothing else, and is easily absorbed via the skin.

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