A Heart Attack Just Before Christmas.


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On the evening of Sunday the 9th December 2018, I reclined my armchair at home and tried to fall asleep. Then within 10 minutes I started to get a pain across my chest, which became stronger and stronger then going up to my jaw. I became cold an clammy. I immediately called my wife and asked here to phone the ambulance as the pain was so bad. The ambulance arrived within 4 minutes, they administered drugs and gas and took me to ER. Where upon in the operating theatre there was a consultant ready and waiting.

Whilst on the operating table I began to pray. As I did not know what was going to happen. The doctor said that the right side of the heart was blocked, and he had managed to unblock it. I was then taken up to the cardiology ward and administered more drugs to break down clots. I was then kept on a drip for two days. On the third day I was released with medication to go home. I am now at home recovering.

What I would like to say is: make sure you tell everyone you love them this Christmas. Make up with anyone if you have had a falling out. Don’t hold any grudges, or un-forgiveness against anyone. Ask God to forgive you of any sins. As non of us know the day nor the hour, when we shall depart from this world.

God bless and have a Happy Christmas. May the coming New Year 2019 bring you every good blessing


Spider plants with a web full of benefits!

IMG_3534 2
‘Spider plant’ natures own toxin remover! 

I first came across this South African species ‘The spider plant’ as a boy in the 1970’s smashing into it as I raced up and down the stairs. I was always surprised how they survived all the damage and why my mother had so many of them.  She hung them over the stairway where there was little light too. Surprisingly, they have little to no pests. It is a plant that brings back many memories.


Family: Asparagaceae

Species shown: Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’

A perennial to 50-60cm in height, with fleshy tuberous roots. Leaves: Extremely long, strap shaped blades, no teeth or hairs. Inflorescence: On stem in clusters of 1-6, they are white, 6 petalled with 3 veins on each petal. Cross pollinated by insects to produce seed. Variegation of the leaves does make it more attractive visually. However, this has no benefit to the plant as there is no chlorophyll within the white zones to photosynthesise, this is due to a mutation. The variety shown has white areas of the leaf in the centre, the other common variety which is variegated has the white on the outside Chlorophytum comosum ‘Variagatum’. Propagation is mainly by ramets (identical clones) daughters from the mother plant. produced on the nodes (joints) of the runner (lateral over ground stems). This is a form of asexual propagation.

Ramets, spiderettes or baby platelets produced in summer.

These small new plantlets ‘spiderettes’, dangling all over the plant is where the name spider plant comes from; as the plant looks like it is covered with the creepy spiders. These small platelets fully formed with small roots can be cut off and potted up in John Innes 2 or similar growing medium. These runners are produced within the summer, if the plant is mature enough; has stored enough energy.


Apart from the lush green foliage, this plant was recognised by NASA over twenty years ago to be apt for the job of removing toxins from our dwellings. Especially, formaldehyde and xylene, which gas off from house hold furnishings, fixtures and fittings. It is basically a living hoover of toxins. We do need to bring more plants and animals back within our living and work quarters. Not surprisingly, it has been shown that when green plants were added to hospital wards people felt better!

Negative ions and their bearing on health:  Negative ions in the air are biologically active and affect circadian rhythms (day/night body clock). They act on the parasympathetic nervous system (resting, relaxing part of the autonomic nervous system) relaxing the nerves. Whereas positive ions excite the sympathetic nerves (fight/flight autonomic nervous system). Manmade electromagnetic radiation creates positively charged ions. All pollutants are positively charged like diesel particulates, fungal pathogens (moulds), bacterial pathogens etc. These pollutants attract negative ions which then reduces the amount of negatively charged ions in the air. Plants actually produce negatively charged O2 (oxygen) and absorb the positively charged CO2 (carbon dioxide) and toxic gases. The fact that we have large air handling units, air conditioning units, coupled with electrical devices emitting EMF’s: computers, printers, SMART phones, TV’s, watches and swipe boards, creates more positive ions and perhaps ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. We need to balance things out with more plants!

The Amount of negative ions within different environments: Sea shore, by the sea 50,000 per cm3, countryside near trees 4000> per cm3, near cell phone masts 80-100 per cm3, offices 40-100 per cm3 and air-conditioned rooms 20 per cm3.

In fact, if there are less negative ions, put simply, we breath in less oxygen!

Negative ions have also been shown to influence your serotonin level (a neurotransmitter) keeping it in balance. This may have an influence on your mood and sleep patterns as serotonin is a precursor to melatonin production within the pineal gland.

A study carried out at Reading University in surrey Uk found that school children achieved higher grades in exams, when green foliage was placed within their study area.

The spider plant, not only looks aesthetically pleasing year round, removes chemical toxins including positive ions, gives back negatively charged oxygen and is easy to propagate!

The chances are you have an acquaintance / friend or family member whom may just have a spider plant! Ask them to do you a cutting in the summer!

Don’t over water, just keep moist in summer. During the winter keep indoors and reduce watering only giving a little when dry.

Temperature: Best grown out of cold draft in indirect sunlight between 18-30C

What I love about this species is that it is so simple to propagate and generally live with. Have a go at growing it and let me know how you get on? I would love to hear from you!


Stop, Look and Listen!

When I was younger we used have to repeat these words as part of the ‘Green Cross Code’ in order to cross at the traffic lights or at the edge of the road!

With that in mind, imagine we are on a red light at the traffic lights now. So we have some time now, in your busy day?


So please read with me below:

Father in heaven thank-you for my life today. Thank-you for the roof I have over my head, and for the food I have to eat. Thank-you for the people you have put in my life. Thank-you for the sun, the air we breathe and all the wonder of your mighty creation. Help me to love those around me, family, neighbour and stranger. Guide me Lord and put me on the right path. In Jesus name, Amen”

God bless you in your day today and in all that you do! Thank-you for taking time out with me. Well the lights on green again now and you can carry on your road of life today.


Have a great day!!

Wi-Fi the Good the Bad and Insanely Ugly Facts!

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King Jr

Wi-Fi is an abbreviation for wireless fidelity, it means you can connect to a network using microwaves, without the use of any wires.

The Good:

You don’t require wires to use it! Well that is the good bit over!

The Bad And Insanely Ugly Facts:

The reader of this research report linked below will have a whole new understanding of: Who developed it, who knows about it and what it is capable of doing to our cellular organism, why the truth has been hidden/ suppressed from the world (especially so in the west).

Click on the link below:

Wi-Fi A thalidomide in the making Who cares?


” Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle” Martin Luther king Jr



Remembrance Sunday 2018: Are we already part of the next remembrance?

Remembrance Sunday 2018
This picture symbolises the fact that as a race we do not know what we are doing! At one end of this lamp post is a poppy at the other a 868MHz -915MHz microwave transmitter.

I have great respect for all those that gave their lives during the past two world wars, as my grandfather was one of them. During the First World War a whole generation of young men were wiped out. The question is why? Who’s war was it and who benefitted from it? Did we actually benefit? Or did certain unscrupulous entities? I took this photo above of one of the lamp posts on my street in surrey within the UK. Every year they roll out all these poppies and yet there is no money for school dinners, canteens or buses. They teach us to respect life and those that gave their precious blood to protect us. Yet at the very same time we are all being microwaved. Non more so, than our children who’s bodies not only absorb more (due to their high water content) and which have less protection, no myelin sheath for example. This sheath takes 22 years to put down; 120 layers of fat to protect nerves.

These biologically active frequencies emitted from these so called SMART tech mobiles, watches and iPads are used more and more by our children. They are also given them free at many secondary schools? If the powers that be are so concerned for our well being why would they allow this? Inevitably one day the public will wake up to what is literally a veil over their eyes. They have eyes, yet they cannot see and they have ears, yet they cannot hear.

Technology is a wonderful asset and can even save lives, but can we not make its safer and use it via ethernet and fibre optics? Biologically active microwaves (those used by the telecommunications industry) are currently classified by the WHO’s (World Health Organisation) IACR (International Agency on Cancer Research) as a Class 2B possible carcinogen since 2011. Due to the mounting evidence of research this may well be soon changed to a 2A Probable cancer causing agent. This radiation is now ubiquitous within our environment. Maybe in the future, if there is still anyone left, who is capable of reproducing genetically healthy offspring. They will have a special day for remembering those who needlessly died for others profit!